Sabtu, 01 November 2014

The goal here is to find good domains that have at least PR 2. Just before we get into that, let’s take a look at the 2 simple steps that are essential to ensuring the validity of the domain. #1 - check whether the domain is for real or just a redirect by using “Info: ” #2 - check if the domain has any “Drop”, you’ll want to avoid anything that has “Drop”. (No Ok, let’s find some domains. There are 3 free websites and 1 paid tool that I recommend that will help you find great high PR domains easily.  DropDay (  ExpiredDomains (  FreshDrop (  (Paid tool) DomainPeeker ( To use DropDay for free and for long, you’ll need proxy. The simplest way would be to download a free proxy tool like HotSpot Shield ( and whenever DropDay starts asking you to join (you won’t see the domain name with a free account, so it’s useless), just switch the proxy and continue using it. For HotSpot Shield, just turn off and on to switch proxy. Then filter the PR by at least 2 and start using the “2 simple steps” to validate the domain. Same for the other 2 free services.

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